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Winter storage

De-icing, anti-skidding products reminder

Facilities that use large amounts of de-icing and anti-skidding chemicals have to follow the rules for storing them.

The Postal Service wants to remind facilities that store large quantities of de-icing and anti-skidding chemical products to follow the rules for proper storage.

Such products include:

  • Sodium chloride or rock salt.
  • Calcium and magnesium chloride.
  • Calcium magnesium acetate.
  • Sand.

De-icing and anti-skidding products may be regulated under federal, state and local law.

Regulations could include mandatory chemical reporting, restrictions on the amount stored, permitting and requirements for on-site storage areas.

Additionally, under the organization’s zero discharge policy, facilities that store these products must keep them under an awning, shed, tarp or similar shelter.

Facilities should not purchase or store more than 10,000 pounds of de-icing and anti-skidding products in a single location, unless absolutely necessary.

For additional information, contact your designated environmental specialist or visit the Environmental Affairs Blue page.