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USPSCA update

Account closing has started

The Postal Service is closing United States Postal Service Corporate Accounts, which are used to pay for Priority Mail Express.

The Postal Service has begun closing inactive USPSCA accounts as it continues the process of shutting down the payment method on July 1.

USPSCA, also known as United States Postal Service Corporate Accounts, is used to pay Express Mail Corporate Accounts and Priority Mail Express Manifest Accounts.

The Postal Service is discontinuing USPSCA because of rising costs and declining demand.

USPSCA customers with active accounts are being encouraged to switch to a payment alternative, such as Click-N-Ship, Electronic Verification System, ePostage, PC Postage or meter.

Customers should contact their sales account representative, business service network representative or their local Post Office for assistance with switching accounts.

Customers who have USPSCA balances remaining can email the Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) at to request a refund.

The request should include signed authorization on letterhead, the USPSCA number, and the name and location of the business.

After USPSCA shuts down in July, accounts with negative balances will be sent for collection. Customers can email MSSC to arrange payments.

For additional information, email