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Great save

Great Falls, MT, Letter Carrier Linda King

Letter Carrier Linda King was recently delivering mail in Great Falls, MT, when she grew concerned about a 90-year-old customer who was showing signs of a stroke.

King immediately called 911 and comforted the woman until emergency responders arrived.

She “literally saved my mom’s life with this phone call,” the customer’s daughter later wrote in a letter to the Postal Service. “Had it not been for Linda’s quick thinking and attention to detail, my mom would have suffered dire consequences.”

Noting that the customer lives alone in a condominium community alongside others in similar circumstances, her daughter added: “My mother and her neighbors sincerely appreciate her care and vigilance while delivering mail.”

King assisted the same customer in 2019 in another situation where the woman displayed stroke symptoms, locating a neighbor who took the customer to an emergency room.

“Linda is the epitome of compassion, humility and diligence,” said Great Falls Customer Services Manager Jason Newman.

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