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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at Postal Service employees who received appointments or recognition recently:

Ana L. Aguerrevere, Western Division’s implementation strategy manager, was named to a special assignment working with the insourcing of terminal handling services.

Yan Fedulov was named a WestPac Area management associate. He previously served as a Retail and Delivery Operations Command Center analyst.

• Washington, DC, Postmaster Edward B. Williamson was named Delaware-Pennsylvania 2 District’s acting manager. Roman D. King, Virginia District’s Post Office operations manager, was named Washington, DC’s officer in charge.

Rachel L. Ivory, Central Region’s integration and support manager, was named to a special assignment working with the Ground Network Initiative.

Mary A. Quinn, a communications specialist, was named retail and delivery operations’ acting integration and support manager.

Erika V. Ramirez was named Atlantic Region’s senior logistics director. She previously served as Western Division’s logistics director, a position now held by Kyle A. Walsh, who previously served as the division’s operations support manager.

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