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Courageous countdown: No. 5

Jacksonville, FL, Postal Inspector Jeremiah Moberg

Link is looking back at the year in “Heroes’ Corner” with a countdown of the 10 most-viewed articles.

Coming in at No. 5 is “Saving siblings,” the story of Jeremiah Moberg.

The Jacksonville, FL, postal inspector was spending time off with family members at a community swimming pool when danger disrupted their fun:

Twin toddlers had ventured into the water without wearing flotation devices, unseen by their parents, who thought the 1-year-old boys were napping.

When a scream pierced the air, Moberg saw the twins floating facedown.

The Postal Service employee and his sister Jordan immediately jumped into the water to retrieve the boys, who were limp, unconscious and turning blue.

They performed CPR on one victim, and Moberg coached individuals who were performing CPR on the other.

The twins were resuscitated by the time paramedics arrived and rushed them to an emergency room.

After an overnight hospital stay for observation, the toddlers were expected to make a full recovery.

“Based on the immediate response and actions of Jeremiah, Jordan and others at the pool, there is no doubt the boys’ lives were saved,” said local Postal Inspector Team Leader John Britt.

If you know of heroic colleagues like Moberg, the Postal Service wants to know about them, too.

Employees recognized through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program must be nominated for the award. Corporate Communications reviews nominations for accuracy, then sends them to the Postal Inspection Service and the Office of Inspector General for approval.

Following approval, each nominee receives a commendation letter from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Honorees are also featured in Link’s “Heroes’ Corner” column.

To nominate an employee, complete PS Form 400, Corporate Communications PMG Hero Nomination, and email it to

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