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Avoiding ‘unhappy holidays’

Inspection Service issues list of don’ts

The Postal Inspection Service has tips for avoiding mail theft and fraud over the holidays.

There is a name for those who strive to divert the generosity and kindness that flow so freely this time of year: Grinch.

The Postal Inspection Service’s Keeping You Safe From Unhappy Holidays online page explores how so many fall victim to the Grinches among us, including:

• Getting swindled. Donating money to a worthy cause is a good thing. Being gullible to every charity pitch that comes your way is not. Research where you send your money.

• Advertising your vacation. It’s natural to want to share the excitement of travel plans with friends and family. But be discreet. Social media posts are the opposite of discreet.

• Ignoring your doors. When no one is watching, it’s easier for Grinches to steal from your porch or even enter your house. Be aware of what’s going on. If you have a camera, focus it on your front door or mailbox.

If you are the victim of mail theft or fraud, call the Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or go to