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Custer, SD, Letter Carrier Charles Lehmann, left, and Retail Associate Leah Kainz

Retail Associate Leah Kainz was recently on duty in Custer, SD, when she grew concerned about a customer whose PO Box was overflowing unusually.

Kainz mentioned it to Letter Carrier Charles Lehmann, who pointed out that the woman had recently put up a mailbox at home.

Kainz asked Lehmann to check on the customer, and he got no answer when he knocked on the woman’s door.

The retail associate contacted the sheriff’s office, which sent emergency responders to the scene, where they found the customer in need of medical attention.

The woman later died.

“I’m very proud of Leah and Chuck for recognizing a need and following through,” said Custer Postmaster Marcia Kenobbie.

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