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Supervisor tutorial

Video explains role in ECOMP claims process

Field supervisors can watch a new video that explains their role in handling workers’ compensation claims.

The Occupational Safety and Health team wants field supervisors to know about a new video tutorial on Blue that offers training on their role in advancing workers’ compensation claims in the Employees’ Compensation Operations and Management Portal.

The portal, also known as ECOMP, is a web application used to process injury or illness claims that fall under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.

As the video explains, once a supervisor hears of an illness or injury, he or she should instruct the affected worker to self-register and file a claim in ECOMP. Employees will need an active ACE ID, which can be requested or reactivated through eAccess, as well as the supervisor’s email address to complete the claim.

When a claim has been successfully submitted, the supervisor will receive an email notification that a CA-1 (traumatic injury) or CA-2 (occupational disease) form requires his or her review, and a link to complete the process.

In addition to their role in advancing claims through ECOMP, supervisors should enter illnesses and injuries into the Safety and Health Management Tool.

“Supervisors play an important role at the time of injury and when an injured employee returns to work,” said Donna Gill, safety and health field operations executive manager.

“With the help of well-trained supervisors, we will create a culture of timely return to modified- or full-duty work, and employees will feel supported.”