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Running into trouble

Fort Walton Beach, FL, Letter Carrier Richard Moller, left, with Postmaster Marc Burnett.

Letter Carrier Richard Moller was recently delivering mail in Fort Walton Beach, FL, when a terrified customer approached him for help.

The woman had been out for an evening run and was being chased by a stranger who was verbally harassing her and throwing rocks at her.

Moller calmed and comforted the customer until police officers arrived on the scene.

She later mailed a note to the local Post Office.

“When I saw you, I was on the verge of passing out from fear,” the woman wrote. “I can’t thank you enough for making sure I was safe. When I called 911, they couldn’t understand me. With you there, I was able to slow down and explain so we could get help. You are an amazing mailman and a neighborhood hero!”

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