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‘Engage,’ PMG tells university students

A recent wide-ranging discussion with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is featured in a new video on Duke University’s website.

DeJoy kicked off the Fuqua Business School’s Distinguished Speakers Series for the academic year by sitting down with the school’s dean, Bill Boulding.

DeJoy shared stories about his background and his first two years as the 75th postmaster general.

He told the audience that what surprised him most when he became postmaster general was the general lack of concern at how dire the situation was at the Postal Service.

To address the problem, he oversaw the creation of the Delivering for America plan, which established a path forward to help the organization right its financial ship and improve service to customers.

He also spoke of the inspiration he found working with the employees of USPS.

“When a hurricane happens, we’re the first sign of getting back to normalcy. … Our employees, their lights are out, they’re without water, and they come in to deliver the mail. And it begins to build into your commitment for the greatness of this institution and the ability to serve the public.”

Asked what advice he would give to the business students at the Durham, NC, school, DeJoy said, “Engage, and try to be consequential in everything you do.”

He continued: “I get to deploy my business and operational skills in a public service mission with a great leadership team and a great group of people that are committed to service. It’s inspiring.”

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