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Delivering for Main Street

Initiative aims to help small businesses

Steve Monteith, USPS chief customer and marketing officer, speaks to the Postal Service’s business lead development specialists about the role they will have in the Delivering for Main Street initiative.

USPS business lead development specialists are taking on a new role: ambassador for the organization’s new Delivering for Main Street small-business initiative.

Developed by the Small Business Solutions team, Delivering for Main Street has three components:

• The Employee Engagement Lead Generation Program, which encourages all employees to look for new revenue opportunities and submit sales leads to support local small-business growth.

• A new small-business outreach program, which emphasizes how the Postal Service can be a partner for small business in the marketplace.

• The USPS Loyalty Program, which provides credits to small businesses for using Click-N-Ship to purchase Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services.

“Delivering for Main Street is our team’s strategy to implement the Postal Service’s larger Delivering for America plan and position the USPS as the industry leader in providing solutions for small businesses,” said Peter Timko, small-business solutions manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

The initiative was unveiled last month during a summit for business lead development specialists.

The main role of business lead development specialists is to motivate USPS employees to participate in the employee lead programs. They educate employees on what small-business needs are and how the Postal Service can help meet those needs, Lou DeRienzo, a small-business senior specialist, explained.

“The business lead development specialists are out there every day motivating USPS employees to speak to our customers,” said Dorothy Muir, a small-business senior specialist. “By understanding the direction of the Delivering for Main Street strategy, they now have the tools necessary to grow participation in the employee lead programs.”

More information on the Small Business Solutions team, and on how to submit a lead, can be found on Blue.