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Supporting the troops

CFC spotlights military and veterans

Combined Federal Campaign charities provide a variety of health care and other services for military members.

The Combined Federal Campaign’s cause of the week is military support.

The Postal Service has deep ties to the military community — more than 68,000 USPS employees are veterans of the armed forces.

They are colleagues who understand firsthand the hardships and sacrifices of service: long separations, celebrations spent apart, uncertain futures, frequent moves, and most devastating for those who experience it, the lingering effects of trauma.

They need and deserve support.

If you are unsure of where to focus your giving in this category, the website for the campaign, also known as the CFC, makes it easy:

• Under “CFC Giving System” on the homepage, choose the “Online Charity Search” link.

• You will be brought to the “Find a Charity” page. The second field shown will be “Select a Specific Category.” While there is no category for “military” or “military support,” many related groups can be found under “International, Foreign Affairs and National Security.”

• In addition, entering the word “military” under the charity name search brings up several pages of military support charities.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the federal government’s workplace charity drive. The latest campaign began Sept. 1 and runs through Jan. 14.

Participation in the CFC is voluntary.

The website has more information.

This is the eighth in a series of articles spotlighting the Combined Federal Campaign’s cause of the week. Next week: children and family services.