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Holiday housekeeping

CRDO launches ‘6S’ campaign

The chief retail and delivery officer’s organization has begun a campaign to get USPS retail outlets ready for the holiday season.

A new Lean Six Sigma campaign by the chief retail and delivery officer’s organization aims to get retail outlets shipshape for the holidays.

USPS and other organizations around the world use the popular business methodology to boost efficiency and reduce waste.

The “6S” initiative uses six steps, each beginning with an S, to ensure that outlets are in prime condition for workers and employees:

• Safety

• Sort/simplify

• Set in order/straighten

• Shine/scrub

• Standardize/stabilize

• Sustain

The initiative will run in three phases, with suggested daily activities during the following time frames:

• Nov. 7-14: Safety, sort and set in order

• Nov. 14-21: Shine and standardize

• Nov. 21-28: Sustain

Post Offices and other facilities will be asked to complete a brief daily survey of activities and upload photos. The activity survey, continuous improvement resources and additional support are located in the new Continuous Improvement Yellow Belt Certification Portal.

Lean Six Sigma candidates who have been yellow belt trained are encouraged to complete a 6S project for yellow belt certification.