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Telework tax task

Use PostalEASE to elect withholding

Postal employees who telework will need to make sure the correct state’s taxes are being withheld.

Employees who telework from a state different than that of their assigned duty station must use PostalEASE to choose which state’s taxes are withheld.

These employees should use the State Tax Module in PostalEASE to select state tax withholding based on their remote work location.

This new PostalEASE option also comes with a responsibility: Dual-state teleworkers are now solely responsible for assigning their state tax withholding.

Employees moving to and from telework-eligible positions because of reassignment, promotion or relocation will no longer have their state tax withholding automatically updated to match their duty station.

The Postal Service’s telework policy can be found in Management Instruction EL-310-2021-2. Eligible employees are allowed to telework up to three days per week from an alternate work location.