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Ready for the holidays

Eagle highlights peak season preparations

The Eagle’s fall cover focuses on the Postal Service’s preparations for the holiday delivery season.

The latest issue of The Eagle magazine, which reports on the progress of Delivering for America initiatives, has been mailed to USPS employees’ homes.

This edition highlights the Postal Service’s preparations ahead of peak season, including efforts to orchestrate processing, transportation and delivery operations.

Other articles focus on the organization’s important role when disaster strikes and the role Postmaster Mary Katherine Goddard played in colonial America’s fight for independence.

Additionally, the “Spotlight” employee feature focuses on Tammy Braley, a Charleston, WV, complaints and inquiry clerk who describes her efforts to support an environmental cause — the restoration of the Coal River watershed.

The magazine is seeking nominations for future editions of “Spotlight.” If you know a postal employee who exemplifies service to the community or dedication to a cause, send an email to

The Eagle is also available on Newsroom, a USPS online news hub.