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Consider the field of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and information technology are expected to be among the fastest-growing and best-paying employment sectors during the next decade.

The Department of Labor predicts that information technology and cybersecurity will be among the fastest-growing and best-paying job sectors over the next decade.

As one of the largest organizations in the nation, the Postal Service must stay on the cutting edge of developments in these fields to detect and deter the thousands of security risks that USPS faces daily.

To highlight Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, which runs Oct. 17-23, the CyberSafe at USPS team encourages interested employees to consider a career in the field and invites them to explore relevant openings within the Postal Service, as well as the Postal Inspection Service.

The team stresses that the field is wide and can use a variety of skills and talents, including problem-solving, clear communication and project management.

Current job openings are listed on Blue under the eCareer tab.

More information on Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week are also available on Blue.