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Pose for elfies

It’s time to recognize employee holiday efforts

Banita Deaton is a rural carrier in Maxwell, IA, and says she is excited for the holidays because she gets “to deliver Christmas joy” to her customers.

The Postal Service is collecting stories and photos of employees who do whatever it takes to get the job done throughout the holidays.

As part of the Postal Proud initiative, the organization shines a light on employees who go the extra mile for customers during this year’s peak delivery season.

From Oct. 1-Dec. 31, Peek into Peak is featuring employees who answer the question: “How does your job make you feel like a holiday elf?” The themed question celebrates Holiday Elves stamps that were recently released by USPS.

Employees are asked to submit holiday-themed group photos with festive locations or backdrops. The photos should be in a horizontal orientation (hold the camera sideways when taking the picture) and include a brief description of the location and the people in the picture.

These photos will be published through Peek into Peak, a #PostalProud communication initiative — which is celebrating its fifth year and showcases employee contributions.

To participate, email a photo of an employee or group of employees and a description of why he, she or they are deserving of recognition to You can also describe your efforts and include a photo of yourself.

Submissions could be published on the Peak into Peak pages on Blue and LiteBlue, as well as through other communication channels.

Peek into Peak is part of the organization’s broader efforts to empower and engage employees and deliver world-class customer experiences.

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