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Disability employment awareness

USPS offers resource kit

The Department of Labor is distributing this poster to promote National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

As it does each October, the Postal Service is observing National Disability Employment Awareness Month, a time to recognize and honor the contributions of workers with disabilities of all kinds.

The Department of Labor has chosen “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation” as the theme for the month.

“People with disabilities make up a wonderfully multifaceted group,” said Taryn M. Williams, the Labor Department’s assistant secretary for disability employment policy.

“By recognizing the full complexion of our community, we can ensure our efforts to achieve disability inclusion are, in fact, truly inclusive.”

The Postal Service offers a National Disability Employment Awareness Month online resource kit that includes information about policy, links to educational sites and an exploration of disability representation in stamps.

USPS also encourages employees with a physical or mental disability to fill out PS Form 2489, Self-Identification of a Physical or Mental Disability.  The form allows you to identify as having a reportable disability or to update a disability already on file, including a disability that you didn’t have when you were hired.

The decision to complete the form is voluntary, but by doing so, you assist USPS in ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity in the workplace. The information you provide will be used only to prepare aggregate statistics and not for any purpose that will affect you individually.

The Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy’s website has more information about the 2022 National Disability Employment Awareness Month campaign.