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Cool by the pool

Colorado Springs, CO, Letter Carrier Kimberly “Smitty” Smith

Kimberly “Smitty” Smith, a Colorado Springs, CO, letter carrier, was recently making deliveries at an apartment complex when a staff member approached him, dripping wet, desperately asking if he knew CPR.

Smith said he did, so the woman led him to the swimming pool, where a teenage girl was unresponsive next to it, having been pulled out of the water following an accident.

The Postal Service employee sprang into action, telling a bystander to call 911 and starting first aid to expel water from the victim’s lungs.

Smith then performed CPR on the girl, reviving her by the time paramedics arrived and took over.

“Had Smitty not helped this young lady, she may not have survived,” said local Customer Services Supervisor Brian Claudy. “He is an everyday hero who acted without hesitation to save a life.”

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