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Are you ready?

Learn what your facility’s emergency plans are

Postal employees should keep their emergency contact information up to date.

During National Preparedness Month, the Postal Service is reminding managers and emergency management teams to be ready at a moment’s notice.

USPS employees at every level must be prepared to respond to — and recover quickly from — emergencies.

Facility managers and other postal leaders should:

• Post emergency procedures and make sure they are shared with employees.

• Make sure employees know what the USPS National Employee Emergency Hotline (888-363-7462) is and when to use it. After an emergency, employees can call the hotline to report their condition and check for changes in their scheduled work reporting status.

• Remind employees to update their emergency contact information.

• Review proper head-counting procedures.

Checklists and other tools are available on the USPS National Preparedness Blue page.