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Puddle = trouble

Sparks, NV, Letter Carrier Jason Sinski

Letter Carrier Jason Sinski was recently delivering mail in a Sparks, NV, neighborhood when he spotted a woman in distress outside a home.

“Where are you?” she screamed frantically.

Sinski rushed to aid the woman — a caregiver who worked nearby — who had heard the resident yelling for help but couldn’t locate him.

They searched together until they found the man facedown in his yard in a puddle of water inside a sprinkler control box, his head entangled in wires.

While the woman called 911, Sinski and several neighbors safely freed the man, who had slipped, tumbled into the box and gotten trapped for nearly an hour when the wooden lid closed on him.

The Postal Service employee remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived to provide further assistance.


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