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USPS introduces new Update newsletter

The Postal Service has introduced Area and Regional Update, a new version of its quarterly newsletter for employees.

The publication reflects the organization’s new structure and will cover both Retail and Delivery areas and districts and Logistics and Processing regions and divisions.

Area and Regional Update will be available in Atlantic-Eastern, Southern-Eastern, Central-Western and WestPac-Western editions.

USPS will mail one edition to every employee each quarter, depending on where the employee lives.

In addition to local and regional coverage, each issue will contain more national news and regular columns from Postal Service leadership, including Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Area and Regional Update replaces the Area Update newsletters that USPS published until 2020. Since then, the organization has published a quarterly National Update.

The new version of the newsletter will arrive in mailboxes through July and will also be available on Blue and LiteBlue.