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‘Evolution of a Medium’

Direct mail videos tout new innovations

The Postal Service’s new videos on direct mail and digital innovation can be viewed online.

The Postal Service has released “Evolution of a Medium,” a series of four videos designed to help businesses and marketers understand how the combination of direct mail and digital innovation can help grow their business.

The videos explore Informed Delivery, Informed Visibility, retargeted direct mail and digitally enhanced mail.

“We have transformed the digital mail innovations highlighted in our ‘Evolution of a Medium’ marketing book into quick-hitting videos to showcase the powerful synergy between digital innovation and direct mail,” said Monica Johnson, a USPS marketing specialist.

“These videos show customers how they can create dynamic campaigns by combining the two channels,” she said.

Employees are encouraged to share videos, viewable on YouTube, with customers. There is also a shareable “digital experience” — an online guide to the videos’ topics — on