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Customer 360 update

Platform to get upgrade, new features

The upgrade to the Customer 360 platform includes features that will make it easier for employees to help customers.

USPS is upgrading the Customer 360 platform with a new interface and features.

Customer care centers, Consumer Affairs offices and Post Offices use Customer 360 to create, investigate and resolve customer issues.

The platform, also known as C360, shows when, where and how often a customer has previously contacted the Postal Service for help, and it integrates other applications to help address customers’ inquiries faster.

Lightning, C360’s upgraded interface, features new visuals, layouts and easier-to-read text, icons and graphics that will allow users to complete tasks with fewer clicks.

Other upgraded features include a new hover view, in-app guidance and reporting capabilities, and enhanced global search functions.

C360’s Lightning interface and the additional features are expected to increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

Lightning training for all current C360 users and launch dates will be announced soon.