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Click-N-Ship update

App now prints labels for administrative use

USPS will discontinue Label 41 and Label 101V, left, and employees should start using Click-N-Ship labels in their place.

The Postal Service has updated the Click-N-Ship application to allow employees to generate shipment labels for administrative use.

Using Click-N-Ship for administrative labels offers several benefits, including address validation, the ability to print to and from addresses on the label and the ability to add an Intelligent Mail package barcode on the label for tracking purposes.

Using the Click-N-Ship application for administrative labels will improve package visibility in the mailstream and reduce fraud related to the unauthorized use of G-10 labels.

As a result, Label 41 and Label 101V, both G-10 labels, will be discontinued.

Employees who want to use Click-N-Ship to generate administrative shipment labels must submit a request for “CNS G10 User” in ARIS, the organization’s platform for requesting access to USPS digital resources.

Login credentials will be assigned after the “CNS G10 User” request is approved by a manager.