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First-class act

Wichita, KS, postmaster visits school

Wichita, KS, Postmaster Ryon Knopik and his son, Browen, display the book Knopik read to the class.

It would appear Ryon Knopik got the memo.

A recent outing by the Wichita, KS, postmaster is a prime example of what the Postal Service is promoting in its new initiative to more fully integrate postmasters into the fabric of their communities.

Knopik visited Remington Elementary School in Potwin, KS, where he spoke about his USPS career.

“Some really great questions were asked,” Knopik said, especially about Postal Service history.

His 6-year-old son, Browen, was thrilled to see his father address the class, and Knopik enjoyed all the in-person interaction of being out in the community after two years of the pandemic.

He took the opportunity to remind students about postal safety practices.

“I told them it is important to help their parents keep their dog inside when they see the mail carrier and help us avoid dog bites,” said Knopik, a former letter carrier.

“What I loved most today was the excitement and questions they had about how they get letters from Santa and their grandparents,” he said.

“It was such an awesome day.”