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New gigs

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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at some recent changes in the Postal Service leadership ranks:

Eric D. Gilbert was named Columbus, OH, postmaster. He previously served as a California 6 District Post Office operations manager.

Jeffrey A. Hotchkiss, the Columbus, OH, Processing and Distribution Center’s senior distribution operations manager, was named the Memphis, TN, Processing and Distribution Center’s acting plant manager.

Barbara E. Kirchner has completed a detail assignment as acting field human resources director for Southern Area and Eastern Region and resumed her duties as a field human resources manager.

Andres Morales was named the Greensboro, NC, Processing and Distribution Center’s plant manager. He previously served as the San Juan, PR, customer service operations manager.

Wanda P. Prater was named Milwaukee postmaster. She previously served as Chicago postmaster.

Randy S. Stines was named Kentucky-West Virginia District manager. He previously served as Illinois 1 District manager, a role that Donald D. Dombrow Jr., the Detroit postmaster, is filling on an acting basis.

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