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It takes a village

Cattaraugus, NY, City Carrier Assistant Fawn Snyder

City Carrier Assistant Fawn Snyder was delivering mail one day last November in Cattaraugus, NY, when she came upon an older customer in distress outside his home.

Recent snowfall in the village had accumulated to 17 inches, and the man, who walks with a cane, had slipped and fallen.

Unable to get the customer up on her own, Snyder called 911 and comforted him until emergency responders arrived and took him to a hospital for evaluation.

The man’s wife later visited the local Post Office to thank Snyder.

The woman reported that her husband was recovering from the incident and now uses a walker.

She left promising to return with home-baked cookies.

“Fawn did a great job helping this customer,” said Jason McDaniel, the officer in charge in Cattaraugus.

“He lives on a dead-end street and if she hadn’t found him, he could have been out there for a while before anyone saw him.”

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