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Everyone knows it’s windy

Russell, KS, Letter Carrier Shaune Jimenez

Letter Carrier Shaune Jimenez was recently making deliveries in a Russell, KS, neighborhood on a day when sustained wind speeds reached 70-100 mph — dangerous conditions that created an emergency for a 91-year-old customer.

The woman was attempting to retrieve her mail from her front porch when the wind suddenly caught the door, which flung her onto the concrete floor and sliced the palm of her hand.

Jimenez, who was across the street, heard her yelling for help, so he rushed to her side and safely got her back on her feet and inside her residence.

Out of harm’s way, the customer called a friend to take her to an emergency room, and the Postal Service employee comforted her until her friend arrived.

The woman later visited the local Post Office.

“Shaune saved my life that day,” she told the postmaster. “I could not have gotten up and inside by myself under the circumstances. He was definitely my hero.”

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