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USPS highlights World Backup Day

This poster offers USPS employees and contractors guidance on backing up postal information.

The Postal Service is participating in World Backup Day, a global initiative that highlights the importance of regularly backing up the data stored on computers and mobile devices.

The annual event, to be held March 31, underscores the consequences of not backing up digital information.

When a computerized device is damaged or suddenly stops working, the stored data — irreplaceable family or vacation photos, videos, text messages and more — could be lost forever, unless it’s been previously copied or backed up.

Some computers and mobile devices can be set for automatic cloud storage backups. Computer users have the option to copy data to external hard drives and flash drives.

Either way, backing up digital information is vital to preventing data loss.

Employees and contractors are reminded to never store personal data on postal computers or devices.

The Postal Service has created a poster that explains backups of postal information should be performed on USPS-issued hard drives and flash drives.

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