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They went that astray

Phoenix City Carrier Assistant Michael Gambrell

City Carrier Assistant Michael Gambrell was delivering mail at a Phoenix apartment complex on a 100-degree day last year when he spotted a toddler in distress.

Gambrell stopped to check on the hot, tired and upset 2-year-old, who was wearing only a diaper and shoes as he wandered by himself in the parking lot.

The Postal Service employee took the boy to the apartment manager’s office and called 911.

The toddler’s mother had also alerted police after discovering that her son had unlocked their front door and strayed off with their dog.

She soon arrived to retrieve the wayward lad, and Gambrell later found the dog elsewhere on the route and returned it to the family.

“We are all so proud of Mike,” said local Customer Services Supervisor Megan Jimenez.

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