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A sustainable future

USPS commits to environmental excellence

The Commitment to Environmental Excellence document is available on the Corporate Social Responsibility page.

The Postal Service has released a statement underscoring its commitment to environmental responsibility and stewardship.

The Commitment to Environmental Excellence, signed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, provides a framework for understanding the organization’s sustainability goals.

The document states that the Postal Service is committed to making sustainability a priority at all levels of decision-making and urges every employee to embrace its aims.

It further states that, beyond meeting or exceeding compliance with environmental laws and regulations, the organization wants to be a leader on sustainability efforts in the federal sector.

USPS pledges to invest in new vehicles and technologies and to integrate recycling, reuse, pollution prevention, and waste and energy reduction into postal operations.

One means to achieve these ends outlined in the statement is following the principles of continuous improvement to assess and report on policies, programs and progress.

The Corporate Social Responsibility page has more information.