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Lean Six Sigma training available

USPS employees must register for the new courses on the LSS LiteBlue page.

The Postal Service is looking for employees interested in learning the Lean Six Sigma methodology for improving processes and increasing efficiencies within the organization.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) — which consists of a set of statistical methods for systemically analyzing processes to reduce variations — draws upon on well-established quality control and data analysis techniques that support and guide continual improvement activities.

The Postal Service has the following LSS courses available:

Yellow belt: This introductory course provides the foundational knowledge need for critical thinking and problem solving.

Green belt: This course provides a advanced understanding of LSS principles and tools to allow participants to lead small to moderate improvement projects.

Black belt: This course provides expert-level understanding to equip participants with the statistical and analytical tools necessary to lead large-scale improvement projects, coach green belt candidates and facilitate LSS training.

Employees must register and enroll on LSS Blue page, which details the prerequisites for the courses.

LSS participants who need project coaching or other assistance can contact a continuous improvement specialist or master black belt in their geographical location.

Additional assistance with project coaching or other required roles is available through the USPS LSS Certification Dashboard.