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Election Mail support

New info for public, employees has updated information for voters and election officials.

The Postal Service recently updated’s Election Mail section to ensure that voters and election officials have the information needed to successfully use the U.S. Mail to participate in the electoral process.

The section, located at, now includes links to Kit 600, 2022 Official Election Mail Kit, as well as new versions of Publication 631: Official Election Mail — Graphic Guidelines and Logos and Publication 632: State and Local Election Mail — User’s Guide.

Domestic voters will also find links to federal election websites and other resources that will help them find state-specific information. For overseas and military voters, there’s additional information, including links to resources supporting their election participation.

State and local election officials will find guidance on how to contact USPS personnel to discuss issues such as mailpiece design.

In addition to making updated Election Mail resources available to the public, the Postal Service published an employee guide to this year’s election and political mailing season in the Postal Bulletin’s Feb. 10 edition.

The publication also features detailed information on USPS policies, procedures and forms related to the handling and processing of Election Mail and Political Mail.

The Election and Political Mail 2022 Blue page has additional resources for employees. USPS will provide employees with additional information and reminders throughout this year’s election season.