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A losing proposition

Spencerville, OH, Retail Associate Stacy Jorgensen

Retail Associate Stacy Jorgensen was recently on duty in Spencerville, OH, when she grew concerned about an older customer who purchased a $600 money order and mailed it via Priority Mail Express.

Having been alerted to a similar transaction by the same man earlier in the week, Jorgensen intercepted the envelope and called the Inspection Service, as well as his nursing home.

It was determined that the customer was ensnared in a foreign lottery scheme.

He had already been bilked out of $1,000 in discount-store gift cards by scammers who had used social media to contact him in his nursing home room.

“Thankfully Stacy was alert, putting an end to this scheme and saving the customer money,” said Spencerville Postmaster Marilyn Mulholland.

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