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Safe driving

Preventing roll-away, runaway accidents

USPS employees who drive for work are responsible for the safe operation of postal vehicles.

USPS is reminding employees to always follow proper procedures when operating postal vehicles to prevent roll-away and runaway accidents.

Roll-away accidents are incidents where a vehicle rolls away with the engine off.

Similarly, runaway accidents involve vehicles that roll away with the engine running.

Both pose significant dangers that could result in property damage and injury.

For instance, new and veteran postal drivers chasing out of control vehicles have been run over after falling under the wheels.

Out-of-control vehicles have also struck pedestrians, homes, trees and other vehicles, resulting in financial liability to the organization.

Roll-away and runaway vehicle accidents usually occur when vehicle operators are in a hurry, take shortcuts and do not properly secure the vehicle when parking.

However, these accidents can be prevented.

Employees are reminded to adhere to the following steps when parking postal vehicles:

• Depress the brake pedal and set the hand brake.

• Put the gear in park.

• Curb the wheels, when parking a vehicle on a downhill slope, by turning the vehicle wheels toward the curb. When parking uphill with a curb, turn the wheels away from the curb. If there is no curb, turn your wheels to the side of the road you are parking on.

• Always shut off the engine and remove the ignition key, regardless of how long you will be out of the vehicle.

The Safety Blue page has more information, including Safety Depends on Me! videos on preventing roll-away and runaway accidents.