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Handler with care

Postal Service promotes leads program

The Mail Handlers program has generated more than $44 million in new revenue since its inception in 2013.

The USPS Small Business Solutions team is highlighting the Mail Handlers employee lead generation program throughout February.

The organization’s 50 districts will celebrate mail handlers for their participation in the program — with new time clock flyers, and short stand-up talks on three of the month’s four Mondays.

The Mail Handlers program allows mail handlers to submit leads for businesses they think could benefit from USPS products and services.

The program, which is supported by the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, has generated more than $44 million in new revenue since its inception in 2013.

This includes more than $11 million during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 and more than $2 million during the first quarter of 2022.

“Mail handlers play a key role in moving our mail and keeping our operations moving,” said Lou DeRienzo, small-business senior sales specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “They can also play a part in growing revenue and helping save small businesses and Main Streets across the country.”

One mail handler who submitted a lead through the program is Aspen Mitchell.

After arriving home one evening after work, the Santa Clarita, CA, Processing and Distribution Center employee saw that someone had placed a business card on top of her mailbox.

Mitchell took a photo of the business card and submitted the information on it through the Mail Handlers program.

A postal official contacted the company to explain USPS policy prohibiting advertising on mailboxes and mentioned that the Every Door Direct Mail program provides a legal and cost-effective way to reach new customers.

The company representative expressed interest in hearing more about Every Door Direct Mail. Deanna Moore, an inside sales representative, followed up with the business and closed a deal worth more than $9,000 in new estimated annualized revenue for the Postal Service.

“Mail handlers don’t typically deal with the public during their shifts, but they still have a great opportunity to find leads during their everyday lives — just like Aspen did,” DeRienzo said.

The Sales Blue page has more information about the Postal Service’s employee lead-sharing programs.