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Stranger danger

West Liberty, IA, Postmaster Xann Rodgers-Mather

Postmaster Xann Rodgers-Mather was recently on duty at the West Liberty, IA, Post Office when she grew concerned about an older customer who wanted to mail a large check via Priority Mail Express.

Rodgers-Mather spoke with the woman, who said she’d mailed several such checks to someone she didn’t know.

The Postal Service employee urged the customer to keep the check, then notified the local police department and the Postal Inspection Service.

The woman’s family was subsequently notified of the scam so additional steps could be taken to protect her.

Her daughter later mailed a letter to the Postal Service.

“Xann’s diligence saved my mom $4,000 and potentially more if she hadn’t intervened,” she wrote.

“If she hadn’t recognized what was happening, my mom would likely have lost all of her money, nearly $30,000. Thanks to Xann, this did not happen!”

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