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Rural carrier program brings in leads

Juliana Gomez, a Nipomo, CA, rural carrier, used Rural Reach to generate new revenue for USPS.

The Postal Service has designated Jan. 24 as Rural Reach Day, which celebrates the organization’s lead-sharing program for rural carriers.

USPS districts will hold events to thank rural carriers for contributing to the Rural Reach program, which has generated more than $817 million in estimated annualized revenue since it began in 2008.

For this year’s Every Lead Counts sales lead campaign, rural carriers have submitted more than 4,300 leads, up 43 percent from the same period last year and generating more than $11.6 million in revenue.

So far this year, 2.76 percent of all rural carriers have submitted at least one lead through Rural Reach. The Small Business Solutions team has a goal of 10 percent participation in the program by the end of the year.

“Every time a new rural carrier submits a lead, the participation percentage grows,” said Lou DeRienzo, small-business senior sales specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

One rural carrier who has contributed toward this year’s numbers is Juliana Gomez.

The Nipomo, CA, employee noticed that a pharmacy on her route was using a competitor for all its shipping.

After speaking with the customer, she submitted a lead through Rural Reach.

Martin Juarez, a business development specialist, and Harold Thompson Jr., a senior sales representative, followed up with the customer and closed a shipping deal worth $90,500.

“Juliana’s simple question to the customer of ‘Would you like to speak to our sales department to see if we can save you money on your shipping costs?’ helped the customer and brought more revenue to USPS,” DeRienzo said.

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