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New vice president

Hoyt to lead Technology Applications

Technology Applications Vice President Garrett M. Hoyt

Garrett M. Hoyt has been named vice president of Technology Applications, a role he has filled on an acting basis since October.

As vice president, Hoyt is responsible for developing digital approaches to improving customer engagement, transportation management, product visibility and pricing. He’s also responsible for modernizing platforms that support business functions.

As acting vice president, he led the automation of freight payment processes and directed a successful initiative with transportation suppliers.

Prior to his time at Technology Applications, Hoyt served as Chief Information Officer Services executive director, managing a team that negotiated strategic, cost-saving technology contracts.

Previously, he directed the development and launch of initiatives that automated manual processes, such as seamless acceptance and eInduction.

Hoyt has been with the Postal Service for 34 years.

Technology Applications was created in fall 2020 when the former Information Technology was split during realignment. The other unit created was the Network and Compute Technology group.