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Maintaining control

Managers reminded to limit eAccess privileges

Controlling user access to USPS systems is vital to protecting the organization’s computer network.

The Postal Service is reminding managers and supervisors to only grant the minimum privileges in eAccess necessary for employees and contractors to do their work.

The eAccess application provides entry to important USPS systems. Controlling user access to these systems is vital to protecting the organization’s computer network.

Access to a system or resource should be granted only if absolutely necessary.

As detailed in Handbook AS-805, Information Security, Section 9-3 (Authorization), managers and supervisors should act proactively when approving, denying, suspending or terminating eAccess privileges.

 For instance:

• Access must be immediately revoked when it is no longer needed by personnel due to a job change, transfer or termination; and

• Managers and functional system coordinators must review access rights twice a year for employees and quarterly for contractors.

Managers and supervisors are also reminded that eAccess will send an email with a link whenever a periodic review is due.

The manager periodic review message will also appear in the “Pending Actions” area of the “Manager” tab in eAccess.