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Holly’s hobby

Elf returns to help spread holiday cheer

The Hollygrams templates feature Holly, the elf for the USPS Operation Santa program.

It’s time to deck the halls with Holly.

The cheerful elf for the USPS Operation Santa program is back and appears in a series of new seasonal “Hollygram” messages.

The Postal Service introduced Hollygrams last year to help spread cheer throughout its workplace. The organization has again created templates that employees can use to send messages to each other this holiday season.

For example, perhaps you work with someone who routinely goes above and beyond to help others during the holidays, or any time of year.

Maybe your co-worker is having a challenging day.

Sending a Hollygram is an easy way to help spread the holiday spirit and tell your colleague you are thinking about them.

To download the templates featuring Holly in a variety of festive backdrops, go to the Postal Communicator’s Toolbox Blue page, find the “2021 Holiday Information” heading and select “Hollygrams.”

All a well-wisher has to do is open one of the six templates, write a message and paste it in the body of an email — or print and mail it.