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Classroom connection

USPS Pen Pal Project launches

Through the USPS Pen Pal Project, classrooms across the nation will write 1 million letters.

Raise your hand if you know a student who’d like a pen pal.

The Postal Service is working with WeAreTeachers — an online media organization that offers daily articles, videos and giveaways for educators — to introduce the USPS Pen Pal Project, a free program for students in grades three to five, during the 2021-22 school year.

The USPS Pen Pal Project will provide 25,000 classrooms across the nation the opportunity to partner with each other to write 1 million letters with the goal of building friendships and understanding diverse perspectives.

Each participating classroom will receive a USPS Pen Pal Project kit with a teaching poster, cards and envelopes. By participating in the program, students will improve their writing, communication and collaboration skills.

“WeAreTeachers is so excited to work with USPS on this unique program that will share free resources with teachers and give 25,000 classrooms of students the opportunity to have a pen pal experience and build friendships and understanding across the United States,” said Dana Truby, the company’s editorial director.

The program will also show students how to structure and write a friendly letter, properly address an envelope and create stamp designs.

“The program is a way for students to make new friendships and improve their writing,” said Debra Blockinger, a USPS marketing specialist. “The skills learned through letter writing are evergreen with a postal purpose.”

U.S. public, charter and private school teachers can join the USPS Pen Pal Project. has information and sign-up instructions.