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Transit, parking funds can now be mingled

The Commuter Benefits Program has a new option for USPS employees.

If you’re enrolled in the Commuter Benefits Program and chose the prepaid card option, you can now use the deposited funds interchangeably.

Previously, transit and parking funds could not be mingled.

In addition, you can use any accrued balances interchangeably that were previously earmarked for one or the other.

This feature is only available with the prepaid card option. If you aren’t currently using the prepaid card, you can change your order to take advantage of this feature.

Up to $270 of unused funds from any prior benefit month may be carried over each month to be used on transit or parking expenses.

For more information or questions regarding the Commuter Benefits Program, consult the  Commuter Program LiteBlue page or email the Health and Wellness team.