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Get in the Zone

Employee advocacy program begins

The Postal Service is using this image to promote USPS Zone to the organization’s workforce.

The Postal Service has launched USPS Zone, a program for Executive and Administrative Schedule employees who would enjoy promoting the organization’s products and services on social media.

These types of ambassador programs help organizations work with their employees to build a social media presence.

For example: Have you ever had a great meal at a restaurant, then shared that positive experience online?

USPS Zone works in a similar way.

The voluntary program — the first of its kind in the federal government — allows employees to share the organization’s stamp promotions, package tips and more on their personal social media accounts using preapproved content.

Participants get to pick and choose USPS-approved content to share, as well as suggest postal content of their own.

“This is a unique opportunity for social media novices to get their feet wet and for the social media savvy to strut their stuff. And it is just in time to get the word out about peak season, anticipating customer questions and concerns,” said Christa D. Fields, social media strategist.

Importantly, USPS Zone is designed to encourage friends and family to use the Postal Service.

Additionally, no personal social media accounts will be monitored by any postal entity.

To sign up — or to have a program representative address your group of 10 or more employees — send an email to