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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at Postal Service employees who received appointments or recognition recently:

• Oklahoma City Postmaster Michael A. Allison retired Sept. 30 after 40 years with USPS. El Paso, TX, Postmaster Daniel M. Reyes III was named Oklahoma City’s acting postmaster.

• Brooklyn, NY, Postmaster Eddie L. Banner was named Wisconsin District’s acting manager.

• Baltimore Postmaster Le Gretta Y. Goodwin was named Kentucky-West Virginia District’s acting manager.

• Texas 3 District Manager Steve Hernandez retired on Sept. 30 after 37 years with USPS. Florida 1 District Manager Thomas O. Billington III was named Texas 3 District’s acting manager, while Tampa, FL, Postmaster Richard Fermo was named Florida 1 District’s acting manager.

• Minneapolis Postmaster William D. Jones was named Ohio 2 District’s manager. Kenneth A. Johnson, Minnesota-North Dakota District’s senior Post Office operations manager, was named the Minneapolis Post Office’s officer in charge.

• Milwaukee Postmaster Eddie N. Masangcay was named Pennsylvania 1 District’s acting manager.

• Denver Postmaster Lora M. McLucas was named Maryland District’s acting manager. Seattle Postmaster Trent J. McNeal was named Denver’s acting postmaster, while Tacoma, WA, Postmaster Karen A. Bacon was named Seattle’s acting postmaster.

Tracy B. Powers was named fleet operations executive manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. He previously served as senior fleet operations specialist.

• Transportation Strategy announced several appointments: Bridget M. Rice was named transportation continuous improvement senior director, Keith L. Harris was named surface transportation category management center director, Antoine L. Slaughter was named transportation services category management center executive manager and Terrence J. Townsend was named air transportation director.

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