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NPF highlights

Videos cover topics from PMG roundtable

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, at left, during a roundtable discussion with USPS officers Judy de Torok, Isaac Cronkhite and Joshua Colin about what the Postal Service is doing to get ready for the upcoming peak delivery season.

The Postal Service has published a series of five videos from the recent National Postal Forum.

The virtual event took place Sept. 20-22.

The videos are from the opening session, which took the form of a roundtable discussion hosted by Judy de Torok, the Postal Service’s vice president for corporate affairs.

The session featured a one-on-one interview with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, followed by a series of discussions with other USPS officers.

Joining DeJoy were:

• Doug Tulino, deputy postmaster general and chief human resources officer
Isaac Cronkhite, chief logistics and processing operations officer
Joshua Colin, chief retail and delivery officer
Joe Corbett, chief financial officer
Steve Monteith, chief customer and marketing officer
Jakki Krage Strako, chief commerce and business solutions officer
Jenny Utterback, vice president for organization development

The videos from the opening session focus on five themes: the Delivering for America plan’s progress, employee empowerment, peak season, capital investments and new products.

The videos can also be found on the USPS-TV page on Blue.

The National Postal Forum, or NPF, is a not-for-profit educational corporation founded in 1968 to ensure open lines of communication between USPS and business customers.