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Emergency leave ends Sept. 30

USPS offers update for workers

EFEL provided postal employees and other federal workers with paid leave related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency federal employee leave (EFEL) will no longer be available to Postal Service employees after Sept. 30.

EFEL forms should not be used to cover any leave dates beyond this date.

COVID-19-related absences after Sept. 30, and documentation to support such absences, must be addressed using the postal leave policies in effect at that time.

EFEL was established under the American Rescue Plan Act, a law that took effect March 11, and provided additional paid leave for absences caused by qualifying reasons related to COVID-19.

EFEL was authorized only through Sept. 30 or until EFEL funds were exhausted, whichever came first.

The COVID-19 Employee Resources pages on Blue and LiteBlue have additional information, including EFEL documents.