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Billow talk

Batavia, OH, Rural Carrier Associate Courtney Hutchison

Rural Carrier Associate Courtney Hutchison was recently delivering mail in Batavia, OH, when she spotted smoke billowing from a house.

Hutchison immediately called 911 and rushed to the scene to alert the residents.

Once they were aware of the blaze, a man and a woman who were home at the time ran to the garage to try and save a luxury vehicle.

Concerned that flames were spreading rapidly, the Postal Service employee urged the pair to get out of the garage.

The distressed woman collapsed into the arms of Hutchison, who carried her to safety before turning her attention back to the man, screaming for him to flee as ceiling beams started collapsing.

“He made it out safely, and if it weren’t for Courtney and her quick thinking, this fire could have been deadly,” said Batavia Postmaster Scott Compton.

The customers later mailed a card to the Post Office, thanking Hutchison for being “very helpful” during the “sudden and terrible” conflagration.

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