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Monsters mash

Customizable stamps released

Musician SJ Hazim performs at the Message Monsters stamp dedication ceremony.

The Postal Service’s Message Monster stamps — designed to deliver smiles, not scares — were dedicated Sept. 24 in Topeka, KS.

“This new collection of Message Monsters stamps is one of the most creative, fun and unique designs we’ve ever produced,” said Jeffery A. Adams, the organization’s corporate communications vice president, who spoke at the ceremony. “It’s our hope they will be a new favorite classic among stamp collectors and kids of all ages.”

The pane of 20 Forever stamps, available at and Post Offices, features four monster illustrations that can be dressed up with dozens of self-adhesive accessories located on the selvage.

The accoutrements include cartoony voice balloons and thought bubbles with exclamations and salutations, hats and crowns, hearts, stars, daisies and other fun flair.

Antonio Alcalá designed the stamps with original artwork by Elise Gravel, author and illustrator of popular children’s books.

The Message Monsters dedication ceremony coincided with Thinking of You Week, an annual campaign to encourage people to mail handwritten notes and greeting cards.

Thinking of You Week began in 2014 in the United Kingdom and later gained momentum in the United States due to the efforts of the Greeting Card Association.

Said Adams: “This is a great week to introduce the Message Monsters stamps. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than to include these playful characters on letters or cards to send to the important people in our lives.”